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p h o t o g r a p h y

From product photography to portraits to landscape, Jenna takes every photo with passion. Her ability to capture a strong brand image is evident throughout her portfolio. She is the photographer you want at your next shoot!

p u b l i c s p e a k i n g

As a graduate of Georgian College, content creator and entrepreneur, Jenna has spoken to first year students in class about her life and social media journey. Alongside her husband, Joel, they create an engaging presentation that motivates students to chase their dreams. 

v i d e o g r a p h y

Jenna can do it all - produce, shoot and post edit. Her unique eye and understanding of the power of video will leave you with a powerful marketing tool.

c r e a t i v e w r i t i n g

Jenna grew up dreaming of being an author. She wrote poems and short stories in her room as a child. Along with her words, Jenna produces photographs to accompany her article.